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Cleaners, Protectants & Coatings

Choose from an excellent selection of effective cleaning products when you turn to Agent Coatings. We offer a line of antimicrobial products and supplies to help you eliminate germs, viruses, and fungus from any surface.

Our line of Coatings, protect other surfaces such as concrete, wood, steel. We also have a line of NON Skid Safety coatings.  Our UNIQUE process of cross linking urethanes, acrylics and co-polymers, and utilizing recylced rubber crumb as an aggregate, provide an attractive, highly durable,impact resistant non slip surface.

Excellent for Pools, Decks, Boats, Stairs, Walks.

Facts about Germs

Maintain a clean environment with the all-natural cleaning products from Agent Coatings. We are always happy to educate you on the dangers that germs pose to your environment.

Silver and Copper

Cosilion has harnessed the power of these two metals by emitting the antimicrobial ions from silver, and the antifungal ions from copper. Then through a powerful, emerging technological process, we join these to ions together to create a unique combination.

Our Business

If it's chemical-free cleaning you seek, you have come to the right place. Agent Coatings offers a varied selection of antimicrobial cleaning products that will help you maintain a healthy, germ-free environment. We also offer TUFF COAT Non skid Safety, Pool/Deck, Marine Coatings...

Visit our TUFF COAT page for more information !

We are an innovative company that strives for excellence in the technology and chemical fields.

Our proprietary formulas leave a protective coating that prevents the growth of bacteria, germs, viruses and fungus.

Contact us in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, to learn more about our selection of antimicrobial products and cleaning supplies.

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